Having its headquarters in Komárno, Lingua Leader EU has been operating since 2002. As we consider all the factors that increase the quality of the provided services, customers‘ satisfaction and work efficiency crucial, we have been proceeding in our activity in a renewed form and with even greater enthusiasm since 2007. Thanks to the support of our enlarged infrastructure and the team of highly qualified employees, we are now able to meet more demanding expectations from our customers.  Our flexibility enables us to meet extraordinary and unusual requirements and adjust to individual demands. We specialize in professional translations and interpreting within the Central European languages; however the main sphere of our services and the language scale has been expanding constantly.

Thanks to our previous experiences, we have gained the highest level of expertise in the following technical areas:
politics (EU)
technology, computer technology
scientific texts
official documents

Our values:

Our primary target is the complex accomplishment of clients’ requirements at the highest possible level, the basis of which is quality, speed and affordable prices.
According to our geographic location we offer complex and affordable solutions with high added value to our clients.

Quality Control
Our quality control system is the guarantee that we are always able to provide the best services. It is built on the following pillars:

high level of professionalism of our translators and interpreters – our translators and interpreters have technical and linguistic university education as well as long-standing technical experience. A professional CV and translation testing based on technical level conditioned their selection. We take all the responsibility for the quality and reliability of their work.

constant control – all the translations performed in our agency are subject to technical and linguistic supervision and corrections. We constantly observe and evaluate the work of our translators.

documentation – documentation of all activities related to the quality control is performed after agreement with our suppliers. Permanent control ensures the constant increase in quality and effectiveness of our work.

project based working processes – the key factor in successful cooperation is trust. The fundamental precondition of high quality translation is the close cooperation between the client and language translation agency. In an effort to reach this goal; the larger orders are under supervision of a project manager who takes responsibility for keeping in constant touch with the client.

multi-level quality control – in the case where more than one translator work on the parts of one thematic unit, we ensure the uniformity of the unit. We make sure that all the translators maintain the same stylistics and technical terminology, which provides the continuity of the text for the reader.

usage of modern technical solutions – we strongly recommend the usage of the latest software to our suppliers. Usage of TRADOS, SDLX and other software represents a double advantage for our clients. First of all we are able to cut costs by 30-50%, moreover the time spent on fulfilling the job decreases. Another important advantage is that we utilize achievements of computer technology to the maximum during the course of our performance. We are able to utilize the latest computer programs, thanks to the fact that they are being constantly updated.